1 in 5 Newspapers Now Behind a Paywall

As greater numbers of information seekers turn to mobile, tablets and the internet for news, newspaper’s digital editions have emerged as a revenue strategy.  News organizations are ramping up paywalls or rolling out “all digital access” subscriptions bundled with traditional print.  As well, Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC is now Alliance for Audited Media) rule changes allowing publishers to better reflect digital acquisitions are helping publishers boost overall circulation.

Over at the New York Times, its success in paywall sign-ups has gotten the industry’s attention.  How well its meter strategy helps transition the Times from “print to screen” and positions it for longer term financial health is being watched closely by the industry.  With just over 50% of its average daily circulation now a result of digital subscriptions, it’s a benchmark with lots financial implications.

A look at the top 10 newspaper publishers by the number of paywalls they’ve implemented illustrates the ranges at which paywalls have taken hold.

News & Tech’s frequently updated paywall list also indicates that at 293 papers and counting, 21% of all U.S. dailies now expect some level of payment for access to articles or premium content.  At this pace, a likely scenario is for paywall expansion to touch at least 25% of local dailies by year-end 2012.

Below is my infographic with more stats, including digital circ growth and the top 10 daily newspapers by % digital circ.


One comment

  1. wgerenarochet

    Good to know the connection newspapers in print are making in their transition to online reading. It also lends to the position that just online reading merits the same respect as on print format. Case in point is Latino Sports.com whose sports reporting has allowed it to have media credentials from MLB

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