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TwitterJournoBlogoSphere: The Art of Media Punditry

The news media’s changing audience demographics, legacy economics and digital future are fodder for a plethora of journalists, bloggers, researchers and news groups.  Today, they incorporate Twitter as a lead platform to disseminate their views as well as industry news, research and analyses.  Twitter posts are de rigueur, adding social “cred” to their ability to not only share breaking reports but to also provide context and opinion.  The degree to which the news trade ecosystem is exploiting Twitter is impressive.  See the infographic here with interactive Twitter stats and Klout Scores that illuminate the numbers for our sample of 22 industry cognoscenti.


Collectively, the TwitterJournoBlogoSphere cross-section represented here has posted nearly a quarter of a million tweets to date (1).  Posting frequency and the total number of tweets span the gamut from relatively modest and selective to bot, machine-like abundance.  Five of our 22 tweeters, Jeff Jarvis, Steve Buttry, Jay Rosen, The Poynter Institute and Jim Romenesko, have generated close to a 60% share of the total tweets noted.

Engagement on Twitter and Social Media

Klout assigns a numerical value as a proxy for social connectivity, content and influence.  The average Klout Score is 40, taken from measures across Twitter as well as Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Klout, Wikipedia and Foursquare.  Our TwitterJournoBlogoSphere constituents are rated from average to well-above average.  Higher scores imply they are receiving deeper engagement on their posted content.

Sources:  Twitter and Klout Score data as of Friday, January 25, 2013 5-6PM EST (1) Tweets 245,117; Following 38,354; Followers 628,479