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33% of U.S. Adults Now Get News on a Mobile Device

New research indicates that accessing news content on mobile devices is on a sharp incline, spurred on by consumer excitement over and embracement of mobile platforms and apps.  According to Magid’s Mobile Content Study 2012, by 2013 smartphone ownership will increase 53%, from 99 million to 151 million, and tablets will more than double, from 51 million to 106 million.  Tom Godfrey, Magid’s Executive Director of Mobile Strategy observes, “what publishers and advertisers have to realize is that most content going forward will be consumed on a mobile device and that it must be accessible and optimized for that platform.”

For newspaper publishers, smartphones and tablets offer news organizations a new way to reinvent themselves yet again.  Pew Research’s newly released Future of Mobile News 2012 finds that “fully a third of all U.S. adults now get news on a mobile device at least once a week”, up 6 percentage points from 27% in March.  In addition, user engagement with mobile news on smartphones or tablets averages 50+ minutes a day.